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Power Rangers Nahual Moon by Ameyal Power Rangers Nahual Moon by Ameyal
A "Revamp" of my first team of rangers(That I also have "derangered" to make a original hero group)
They are the Nahual Storm Rangers, but since two groups get their powers from the same source, they get the "Moon" moniker, thanks to their silver motifs.

Unlike other teams, the Nahual Moon gets chosen one by one, with Moon Blue having been a ranger most of his live(As he inherited the title from his mother) then Moon Red, who went to the Ancient Temple of the Moon to retrieve the rest of the morphers, and took the red one to herself.
The next chosen one was Moon Yellow, who selflessly risked his life to help the rangers fight some mooks and take civilians to safety, along with Moon Green. Moon Pink was a bit of a fluke, as the original chosen one was injured and her boyfriend had to take the morpher in order to save her.
Same girl was going to become the sixth ranger, Moon Silver, but again, Xolotl took somehow realized this and began an attack, and the power went to another girl.

SO, this is like, the third version I have made of this team(hope it's the last one, but we'll see) and I wanted to give them at least somethign "aztec-ey", unlike past versions, who were a rip-off of liveman =P so that's what the collar thingie is about(google "Aztec") also, I wanted to give each ranger something that revealed their personality. I also decided the white of the suits would emulate "bare skin"
Moon Red/Citlali is a warrior woman, and, well, a tomboy, so naturally, having her suit with a mini skirt would be weird. She has the "standard" height, and is the... hum... less developed of the girls, but she's also the most athletic, so, abs.
Moon Blue/Mateo is the shortest of the boys, and the only exercise he does is when he trains for his magic, besides being kinda skinny, so no abs. The long sleeves make him seem even more childish, despite being one of the older in the group, but is a reflection of his actual style, and a symbo of him being reserved.
Moon Yellow/Flavio is the tallest of the group, and the most athletic, all his muscles are through playing some kind of sport, has short sleeves because he doesn't really care much about clothes.
Moon Green/Ameko, the most developed of the girls, and the tallest(around same height as Moon Blue)she's the girliest girl who ever girlier, and as such, gets the standard miniskirt.
Moon Pink/Gael is "standard" height, his muscles are "gym" muscles(hence why he has the most) and has a sleeveless shirt 'cuz he's a show off.
Moon Silver/Irene is the baby of the group, being 15 years old, while everyone else is 17, she's the shortest but her suit has high heels, which makes for a lot of height. She's also a girly princess, so she got a long skirt too.

This was EPIC fun to do, I had forgotten how much awesome is to work on a project you like so much, and I even learned new stuff on the way here(New shading, at the very least)
Expect individual closets sets, and of course, the Sun Nahuals. Hell, I think I'm gonna do the allies too.
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loves-punishment Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012
I think this is a really awesome set of Rangers! I like that the color vs gender roles are different. And I really like the individual style differences in their costumes. However I think Moon Silver's costume is a little too elaborate. Good job, I'm impressed :)
Ameyal Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012
Thank you very much for your comments!

Moon Silver would evidently be very hard to portray IRL, but my excuse is that, in-story, the suits borrow from the personality of the wearer, and since Silver is a princessy girl, and the sixth ranger, her suit would be more elaborate than the others
Furanty Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2011
Awesome work! I like how you personalized each ranger by altering their physical stats and their suits. Female Red and Green and Male Yellow and Pink is nice to see (even though we had some male yellow Rangers in canon and many in Super Sentai). And yes, I love male pink rangers <3
The sixth ranger has got a great suit! Good job, Ameyal.
Ameyal Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2011
Thank you!
It's something I had wanted to do since forever, and actually only got the will to do after witnessing the amazingness of :iconmetallion1888: work on superheroes.
I wanted to go all crazy with the team in terms of what was traditionally made, and as such, red female leader, male yellow and pink and female green and sixth ranger. The only one who got shafted was male blue 'cuz he started as a self insert and that's my favorite color =P
Dudewithasmile Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They look awesome :D I love the skirt on the silver ranger!

Though, what happened the girls feet? They seem floppy...
Ameyal Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
Thank you dude(with a smile)

The floopiness of the feet is thanks to me being lazy and mirroring the heels, hopping no one would notice my slackerness =P
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June 4, 2011
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